Welcome to St. Anthony/All Saints Parish!

In Honor of All Saints Day (November 1st)

Altar Mural from All Saints Church (photo by Larry Pindel)

Altar Mural from All Saints Church (photo by Larry Pindel)

Roman Catholic Church

Since 1908

What’s Going On...

Advent Retreat

Join us Saturday,December 5th from noon to 3:30 pm for our Advent Retreat.  Away in a manger. Away in the feeding trough for animals; that doesn’t have the same ring, does it? It’s the place where the animals congregated to feed. A feed trough: it’s an odd, confusing place to find a baby, let alone a King. Nothing in the Bible is recorded by accident. The angels told the shepherds they would find the baby lying in a manger. They could have just as easily told them what Mary was wearing or which barn was Jesus’ birthplace. Maybe the manger is important because it’s where the hungry come to be fed. Jesus could have been placed in any crib or any typical place, but instead He was wrapped in cloth and laid in the place where the hungry come to feed. Are you hungry this Advent? What are you hungry for?  Register by Nov. 30th.  Call the office.

Support the Mother Cabrini Fund

Through your eligible purchases on smile.amazon.com, you can direct .5% of the purchase price to our Mother Cabrini Fund.  Click here for more information.

Parish News...

Choir Rehearsal

Join us as we rehearse for the 8 pm Mass on Christmas Eve.  We meet in the church from 7 pm to 9 pm.  The scheduled rehearsals are:  Wedn., Dec.

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Miraculous Medal Bake Sale

Join us in the Heritage Hall December 20th after the Masses.  This fun celebration offers pizza, fried dough (Pizza Fritte), Fair Trade Coffee, crafts and baked goods.  Pre-orders of pizza &

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